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When I Wake Up, I Could Not Be More Excited To Go To Work

Waking up each morning knowing that I get to go to work is a great feeling.

Waking up each morning knowing that my office is located inside a professional sports venue is an even better feeling!

As I walk from the garage, around the concourse, where I always take a second to get a quick peek of the ice, up the elevator, down the hall and into my office and the lights flip on, I look around my office and it is decked out with some pretty cool stuff. Everything from a group shot of me and my co-workers standing ON THE FIELD at the old Yankee Stadium after the Marlins captured the 2003 World Series to autographed baseball bats, autographed balls, sticks and pucks and even plaques of my son’s soccer team. It’s not a bad way to start the day…

My job is selling professional sports tickets! Yes, you read that right – MY JOB is to sell tickets for a professional hockey team. It’s nothing life changing and honestly, in the grand scheme of the world we live in today, not even a blip on the radar of those “things that are really important”. But, if you have to work – and we all do – it might as well be doing something you love. I sit in meetings most of the day discussing ways to sell more tickets, drive more revenue, add more value for our season ticket holders and create win-win situations for businesses and people looking to use us for fun and entertainment. One of the lines my team President uses that I love is, “All we are here to do is sell popcorn and cotton candy and make sure people have a good time.”

I truly have my dream job!

If you are a sports junkie like me and you love dealing with people, then there is no better career on the planet. I have worked in professional sports since the day I graduated college and after 16 years of grinding it out as a sales rep with minor league and major leagues teams, becoming a Manager, learning how to hire (and unfortunately fire) while managing a sales team, becoming a Director and now a Sr. Director, I am excited to share these experiences with you through the Sports Industry Fast Pass and help you get into the game. This audio book was created to help YOU get out of the lines and begin the career you know you want.

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